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Welcome to the Piggly Wiggly® Deli & Bakery Departments!

When you think of the South, you probably think wholesome home cooking and hospitality. That also describes our Piggly Wiggly® Deli and Bakery departments, where we offer fresh cooked southern style food and always have a smile waiting for you. Whether you’re feeding a large group, your family, or just dinner for one, we’re here to help!

You’ll find a wide variety of fine baked goods from freshly baked bread, to breakfast pastries and seasonal pies, to cookies baked fresh in-store in our Bakery Department. We also have bakery specialists ready to create a custom decorated cake for your next special occasion. (For cake orders, be sure to contact your local Piggly Wiggly® store and place your order ahead of time.)

Then visit your Piggly Wiggly® Deli and select from a variety of fine lunchmeats and cheeses, sliced to order. We also have refrigerated grab and go options such as pre-made sandwiches, salads, meals, and made in-store and pre-packaged side dishes. Our gourmet cheese selection varies by store, so please check with your neighborhood Piggly Wiggly® for details on their offering.

And while Piggly Wiggly® is famous for Mrs. Mac’s® Southern Fried Chicken and Mac & Cheese, we offer a variety of healthy alternatives and other southern favorites too! When you stop by our Deli you’ll likely find Rotisserie Chicken, Slow Cooked Ribs, Baked Chicken, Southern Fried Pork Chops, Red Rice, and Greens right alongside Mrs. Mac’s® Fried Chicken and Mac & Cheese on the hot bar. Order from our hot bar and deli case for immediate dining, or have it packed up for later.

We’re also here for all of your holiday needs. Each Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas season we offer delicious meal choices, including Baked or Southern Fried Turkey or Spiral Ham meals tailored to meet the needs of any size group. See your local Deli Manager for details and pricing.

Birthdays, graduations, tailgating, parties and dinner events are all a big part of entertaining in the South. Whether you need complete meal solutions or just party trays and platters, think of Piggly Wiggly®!

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Helpful Tips & Serving Size Recommendations for Platters & Trays

The History of Mrs. Mac’s® Famous Fried Chicken



Helpful Tips & Serving Size Recommendations for Platters & Trays

When planning for a party or get-together it is important to have enough food to go around but to not have tons of left overs either. Sometimes finding the balance can be a daunting task. To help, Piggly Wiggly® prepared a guide of things to consider when ordering for a group.

Rule of Thumb

  • Approximately 4 people to a pound of food
  • Children eat less than adults
  • Men eat more than women or children
  • If there are many different foods to choose from, less of each will be required

Party Trays*

  • Small Party Tray (Feeds 8-12)
  • Medium Party Tray (Feeds 12-18)
  • Large Party Tray (Feeds 18-24)

Serving Pans*

  • 1/2 Serving Pan holds about 5-6 pounds of food and may serve 20-26 people.
  • Full Serving Pan holds about 10-12 pounds of food and may serve 40-50 people.

Helpful Tips

  • Always figure 1.5 pieces of chicken or rolls per person.
  • One gallon of beverage will yield 10 servings of 16 oz. cups with ice.

*Just a reminder that each Piggly Wiggly® is independently owned and operated. Be sure to check your Deli Manager’s serving suggestions when placing your order!

The History of Mrs. Mac’s® Famous Fried Chicken

In January 1967, Nel McNaughton began working as the Deli Manager at the Dupont Crossing Piggly Wiggly® in Charleston, South Carolina. Piggly Wiggly® Deli’s were never the same! Why? Because Mrs. McNaughton shared the secret of her famous fried chicken recipe with us. It’s a recipe we’ve all come to know and love as “Mrs. Mac’s.” We’re proud to report, that after all these years, we are still using Mrs. Mac’s® original fried chicken recipe every day in our Deli. Mrs. Mac’s® fried chicken is never frozen and is made fresh each day in the store just the way Mrs. Mac taught us to do it. When chicken tastes this good, why would we change it?